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I have created an educational repository that aims to provide fundamental information and code samples with Java. My project primarily focuses on Spring Framework and attempts to prepare such a repository not only to refresh potential knowledge and practice but also to contribute, for developing the open-source community. So feel free to drop comments about your opinion and any contributions are welcome!

Please note that this guide does not like regular how-to guides explaining every detail from scratch. My goal is to touch every important topic about the core of the Spring Framework instead of writing about specific topics in detail. It is a collection of simple answers to the most common questions about the framework. Thus, it might not be for totally beginners or who do not have any experience with Spring Framework before.

You can check the repository over on Github

Before Start

First of all, before we dive into Spring, we should get familiar with some basic programming principles which are highly accepted in Java world and moreover strictly followed in Spring Framework.

In this way, I believe this guide will be much more effective and easily understandable.

So, I will start with the topic Object Orient Programming and SOLID Principles as my first article.

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