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This is a momentous occasion for me, so many years I had to wait to launch my blog. Under the burden of my daily work, I thought I couldn’t share my experience because I am a quite busy software developer. Man, I was wrong!

We the developers, I mean especially the lazy ones like me, always tend to cope out quickly when it comes to writing an article or simply writing any other than code. Although it doesn’t need to be fancy, most of the time it makes me feel like way harder than coding.

But believe me, the trick is good time management and a little bit self-discipline nothing more. We the developers owe so many things to the public community. And we the developers have so many to share.

From now on, I am writing.

public class MyBlogApplicationStarter {

    public static void main(String args[]){

        MyBlog myBlog = MyBlogFactory.create("");


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