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Yavuz Tas

Senior Software Developer

The problem does not lie in technology but design. I am a true believer in code quality. And I believe clear code and correct design with enough time bring absolute quality to software development.

Let me tell you about myself.

In short, I am a passionate software developer who loves Java technologies.

For more details about me, I am a hard-working, innovative software developer with active field experience since 2009, mostly specialized in back-end enterprise technologies using Java and Java EE.

Besides having practical knowledge about solving problems using various design patterns and OOP techniques, I am highly skilled at Spring Framework, Spring Security, ORM frameworks especially JPA, Hibernate and a variety of related technologies.

Also, I’m experienced about UI/UX technologies as well for both server-side rendered like JSF, Vaadin and client-side rendered like Javascript, Jquery, Angular, Aurelia, and Vue.

Certainly, I am a strong follower of test-driven development, issue tracking, continuous integration, source code management and above all, a seeker of code quality.

Among my recent achievements, I have successfully been a senior java developer in two startup projects (ondestek, kodris) and made great contributions to raise them as the profiting and leading companies in Turkey.

Additionally, I have an interest in gamified concepts and game development for web applications.

As a personal hobby, I like sharing my experience, mostly about Java and Spring, writing technical articles to contribute, for developing the open-source community.

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If you would like to know me better, don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with any channel below:

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